Progress and company list

Update 19.7.19: There are some new companies on the list and I started to expand a bit into the gaming aspect of the hobby. I’ve also updated the list below. With the “other companies” entries I’ve tried to also write something on the companies that haven’t answered me yet. I couldn’t use pictures because I got no individual permission from them, but I tried only to name companies that still seem to operate, wouldn’t make a lot of sense otherwise. Should they ever answer me they’ll get an individual entry with shiny pictures (if they got any).

Update 11.5.19: Well, with the start of the new semester I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the blog, but with not too many companies still on the list, I don’t feel to bad about it, but I have some more stuff coming. Oh and I got some more responses from companies – I landed in a fair few spam folders I guess, but I have no idea how to get out of them. According to this I have updated the list below. I also will release a a list of the companies that haven’t answered me – without pictures of course, but hey, they still exist, why not refer to them.

Update 17.4.19: I wrote some more mails. But after writing most of them several times on different outlets already, they probably don’t want to answer me or don’t exist anymore. I have a few where I still have to wait to do something, but soon I’ll be running out of companies and will thus have to slow down. Let’s see how this journey continues, 97 companies at the time writing this is already a lot and I got some more reviews coming as well. Oh and I updated the list below.

Status update 3.4.19: I’ve written mails over 20 companies (most of them for a second or third time – or I’ve just found another way to contact them). I’m still having trouble reaching Excalibur Miniatures, SHQ, Hasslefree, The Russian Alternative, Otherworld Miniatures, The Battleforge, Uscarl Miniatures, Minion Miniatures, Wyrd Games, All 4 Wargames and just recently contacted Godslayer and Vikingforge. Renegade Miniatures is currently not distributing miniatures and for Warlord Games and Scibor I reached them, but sadly not the person who can give me the right to use their pictures. So it’s 15 more companies I don’t have an answer for. I wrote 15 articles in advance and there is 6 companies where I’m just waiting on certain things like new product pictures. I’d say it’s moving along nicely. If you want to help me and know something about contacting the listed companies that would be great! I’ve also updated the list below with what I’ve already written and new companies on the list.

Status update 22.3.19: I have more than 100 manufacturers on my list now and found a lot more that ceased to exist. The ones that seem to be around are sometimes really hard to contact, for the ones I can’t find any contact info (and some seem to hardly read their emails), I often contact shops that list them, which most of the time means a lot more effort and doesn’t always lead to success. I’m still waiting on an answer from 16 companies and have written 81 articles so far, that have yet to be released.

My To-Do-List of companies includes more than 80 different manufacturers, I’ve already contacted all of them to ask for permission to use their pictures. After compiling the list of places to get Goblins (Greenskins and where to find them), I’ll do reviews of all the companies I have experience with. I suppose at the moment these should be a good third of the listed manufacturers. I like to do reviews with new stuff instead of minis I have sitting on my shelf for years. Since I won’t be able to do that for all of them this will probably mean for some companies there will be more of a ramble.

In the last days I tried to contact and research a lot of companies that were available a few years ago, but some of them sadly ceased to exist. I’ll probably do a list of those as well but am not sure how to handle pictures yet since most of the time there is no one to give me consent…

If you know a company you want included I haven’t mentioned yet, please contact me at Manufacturers I plan to include or did include are (italic means I own miniatures and could technically write about how I like them, but I don’t have new stuff that I could unpack for it):

Admiralty Miniatures –> Greenskins…70
Aenor Miniatures –> Greenskins…16
Alien Lab Miniatures –> Greenskins…89
All 4 Wargames –> for now: other companies 3
Alternative Armies –> Greenskins…52, Review, Review 2
Andrew Taylor / Langley Models –> Greenskins…85
Antediluvian¬† Miniatures –> Greenskins…9
Antimatter Games –> Greenskins…4
Armorcast –> Greenskins…31
Artel W Miniatures –> Greenskins…15
Artizan Designs –> see Northstar
Atlantis Miniatures –> Greenskins…42
Avatars of War –> Greenskins…32
Bad Squiddo –> Greenskins…92
Battleaxe Miniatures / War World Gaming –> Greenskins…50, Review
Battleforge –> for now: other companies 2
Black Scorpion –> Greenskins…3, Review
Black Tree Design –> waiting on better pictures
Bridge Miniatures –> Greenskins…44
Cadwallon –> Greenskins…21
Cavalcade Wargames –> Greenskins…78
CP Models –> Greenskins…100
Dark Fable Miniatures –> Greenskins…27
David Foster –> Greenskins 81, Review
Denizen Miniatures –> Greenskins…67
Diehard Miniatures –> Greenskins…41
Dragon Bait Miniatures –> Greenskins…26
Dragon Claw Miniatures –> Greenskins…36
Duncan Louca –> Greenskins…62
EM4 Miniatures –> Greenskins…5
Essex Miniatures –> Greenskins…65
Excalibur Miniatures –> for now: other companies 1
Fenris Games –> Greenskins…13
Fenryll –> Greenskins…82, Review
Figone –> Greenskins…86
First Legion –> Greenskins…107
Flytrap Miniatures –> Greenskins…60
Forgeworld –> like GW, they don’t like people using pictures from them
Freebooter Miniatures –> Greenskins…35
Four A Miniatures –> Greenskins…1
Games Workshop –> copyright stuff, not featuring them
Gamezone Miniatures –> Greenskins 93
GCT Studio Miniatures –> Greenskins…69
Ghamak –> Greenskins…99
Ghost Miniatures –> Greenskins…33
Grabblecast –> Greenskins…56
Greebo Games –> Greenskins…17
Grimforge –> Greenskins…11, Review
Hasslefree –> for now: other companies 2
Heresy Miniatures –> Greenskins…23
Hexy/Bitspudlo –> Greenskins…73
Hidden Dreams Miniatures –> Greenskins…88
Hungry Troll –> Greenskins…10
Impact Miniatures –> waiting for a Kickstarter
Irregular Miniatures –> Greenskins…64
Iron Wind Metals –> Greenskins…74
John McManis –> Greenskins…95
Knightmare Miniatures –> Greenskins…25
Krakon Games –> Greenskins…57
Kraun –> Technically not a company, but I’ve got a Review
Kromlech –> Greenskins…39, Review
Legends of Signum –> Greenskins…51, potentially getting some minis
Lion Tower –> Greenskins…98
Lost Kingdom Miniatures –> Greenskins…47
Lucid Eye –> Greenskins…77
Macrocosm Miniatures –> waiting on their shop to include Goblin Hood again
Madpuppet Miniatures –> Greenskins…75
Mannequin Miniatures –> Greenskins…24
Mantic Games –> Greenskins…63
Maxmini –> Greenskins…40, Review
Megalith Games –> Greenskins…102
Midblight Miniatures –> waiting on them launching their miniatures
Midlam Miniatures –> Greenskins…2
Mierce Miniatures –> Greenskins…34, Review
Mini Monster –> Greenskins…55
Minion Miniatures –> Greenskins…101
Mirliton –> Greenskins…19
MOM Miniaturas –> Greenskins…45
Moonstone –> Greenskins…87
Night Miniatures –> Greenskins…83
Norba Miniatures –> Greenskins…28; Review
Northumbrian Tinsoldiers –> Greenskins…7, promised me miniatures for a review
North Star Miniatures –> Greenskins…54, Review
Oakbound –> Greenskins…96
Old School Miniatures –> Greenskins 105
Otherworld –> for now: other companies 2
Outlaw Studio Miniatures –> Greenskins…68
Privateer Press –> Greenskins…76
Punga Miniatures –> Greenskins….22, Review (was given miniatures for free)
Puppetswar –> Greenskins…58
RAFM Fantasy Miniatures –> Greenskins…84
Ramshackle Games –> Greenskins…30
Rapier Miniatures –> Greenskins…90
Ravenswood Art –> Greenskins…29 and Review
Rbj Game Company –> Greenskins…48
Reaper Miniatures –> Greenskins…94
Rebel Minis –> Greenskins…91
Red Box Games –> Greenskins…18
Renegade Miniatures –> currently not supplying miniatures
Russian Alternative –> Greenskins…109
RPE Miniatures and Games –> Greenskins…49
Sandstorm Miniatures –> Greenskins…103
Satanic Panic Miniatures –> Greenskins…80
Satyr Art Studios –> Greenskins…104
Scibor –> for now: other companies 1
Scotia Grendel –> Greenskins…97
Shieldwolf Miniatures –> Greenskins…14
Shortwars –> Greenskins…59
SHQ Miniatures –> for now: other companies 1
Slave 2 Gaming / Goblin Factory –> Greenskins…6
Spellcrow –> Greenskins…38
Star Hat Miniatures –> Greenskins…61
Tiny Bastardz –> Greenskins…106
Titan Forge –> Greenskins…37
Titan Wargames –> Greenskins…71, Review (was given minis)
TTCombat –> Greenskins…12
Uscarl Miniatures –> for now: other companies 3
Vikingforge –> waiting for an answer
Wargame Exclusive –> Greenskins…43
Warrior Miniatures –> Greenskins…66
Warmonger Miniatures –> Greenskins…53
Warlord Games –> for now: other companies 1
Warploque Miniatures –> Greenskins…46
Westfalia Miniatures –> waiting on them sculpting more Giaks
Westwind Productions –> Greenskins…8
William Chamberlin –> Greenskins…108
Windmaster Miniatures –> Greenskins…20, Review
Wyrd –> have to fill out an application form
Zealot Miniatures –> Greenskins…79
Zenit Miniatures –> Greenskins…72