Mierce Miniatures – Review

Some time ago I got a mini from Mierce from a German retailer and since I hadn’t unpacked it yet, it was a prime candidate for a review. If you’re unfamiliar with Mierce, you can check out my initial article, which contains all the relevant links.

Since this is a single miniature and Mierce is known for big miniatures, I can’t tell you much about these, but at least for overall quality I suppose they will be similar. I have Ornung, the Bone Orc Shaman, which retails for £13. He comes in a fitting blister and is made up of 3 pieces – all of which you could order separately. Interestingly the parts combined even cost 2 pence less than the whole model. Buying it without the arms isn’t advised, since he holds his staff in two hands, but if you don’t like the head… why not?

As you can see, the head and staff have some mold flash, that was pretty easy to remove from the resin. The body has a little pillar that was easy to remove as well, but making it easy to damage the leg. Be cautious with the blocks under the feet as well. A minor problem I had was the lowest one on the back. The Shaman has a coat adorned with vertebrae and I found it somewhat difficult to differentiate where I should cut the resin. Same with the head, you have to cut it right under the chin, which is pointed forwards on the finished miniature, so you have to be really careful here. Other than those minor things I was pretty impressed with the quality. Just look at the picture. The arm holding the stuff has a little pin that fits perfectly into the slot on the shoulder. The hand also connects with the other arm without a fault.

The Orc has a nice, big Orc size. For a single Hero miniature £13 is on the higher end for gaming miniatures, but the casting is nearly perfect and you get a characterful, very detailed miniature for your money. Especially a two handed weapon fitting this perfectly with the additional help of the pin is pretty rare. There are some other Shamans they have that could certainly get me weak in the future.

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