Iron Wind Metals – Greenskins and where to find them 74

We already had a look on RPE, who still produce some of the old Ral Partha lines, so now’s the time to have a look at Iron Wind Metals, who are the direct successor company of Ral Partha. As such there is some overlap in miniatures, but Iron Wind Metals has some miniatures that I didn’t find anywhere else so far:

Those are some miniatures out of their fantasy RPG line, with the Half Orcs costing $4,25 and the Half Troll costs $10. The Stone Troll is $15. Oh and there are Mushroom Men. I always like those. There are some miniatures for fantasy armies as well and especially in their sub-human category we find some Orcs and Goblins:

The Commander is $4,75 and the troops come in sets of 12 for $22. There are also Orcs that cost $35 for 12. If you like those models you can get them on Iron Wind Metals’ Homepage and also follow them on Facebook. All pictures shown below to Iron Wind Metals.

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