Kromlech – Greenskins and where to find them 39

The third polish manufacturer in sequence and another poduducer of bits, here’s Kromlech. While the style is pretty different from Spellcrows, the use for the bits is pretty similar. While most parts are too mechanic for most fantasy focussed players, there are some torsos and heads that fit really well. Be it pirates or Slayers, here called punks.

There are also some miniatures Kromlech produces, with their Squigs deserving of a special mention, as well as some pirate Goblins. There are also some mushrooms that have been added to the range recently:

These Gnaws fit really well on 40mm bases and come in 4 different packs of 3 for 13€ per pack. The whole crew of the Rotting Octopus is 50€, with the option to buy smaller packs if you fancy. The bits are 7€ for 10 heads and 7€ for 6 torsos. If you like them you can buy those miniatures in their shop and follow Kromlech on Facebook. All pictures shown above belong to Kromlech.

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