Hungry Troll – Greenskins and where to find them 10

I mentioned before that I don’t want to concentrate on Fantasy Football miniatures, but the next company sells a lot of models that could easily be used in real fights as well, since Orcs and Goblins generally don’t care about the rules and play with some weapons and armour anyways. Hungry Troll sells several Football teams, one being a Goblin one and a future one being an Orc one.

You can find the matching artwork on Juans Facebook page in the pictures section and it is great. Imagine any pirates in popular media: Le Chuck from Monkey Island, Captain Barbossa or Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It’s all in there. Some of the Goblins like the drunk one could work as a unit filler, while others have “proper” weapons. The trolls for the team come in two flavours: Pirate Trolls with a more traditional appearance and Shark Trolls. Oh and if you like Squigs, there are always the two Squig riders Hungry Troll sells.

Update 31.12.19: If you really like Squigs, Hungry Troll recently had a Kickstarter for a Blood Bowl Team of “Ixodois”, which consists only of Squigs.

The latter two pictures above are from Hungry Trolls latest Kickstarter, the Broken Jaws. While the Goblins were hand sculpted, the Orcs are modelled digitally. These aren’t available on their website yet, but you can find the Goblin team, the Goblin Corsairs, on their website at 85€ for a team of 14 Goblins with two Trolls (although they have a sale right now that lowers that to 51€). The models are available in resin or in metal.

All pictures above belong to Hungry Troll.

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