– Greenskins and where to find them 40

Note (15.07.2020): Maxmini doesn’t sell stuff right now. I’ll try to update should that change again. From their Facebook all I can tell though is that they intend to reopen.

Let’s stay in Poland just a bit longer and look at some more bits. has some miniatures in store as well, but these are mostly Sci-Fi. But there are some universally useable bits. For fantasy those are exclusively heads, but this times the Goblins get something too. And there are Orc cowboys! That’s certainly something new:

Other than that, if you like to pretty up your bases, MaxMini have some Mushrooms for that. And if you look into their shop on specific holydays they have some exclusive stuff for that most of the time, like this christmas Goblin from 2017:

For most packs of bits with 10 heads (or 5 for the more bulky heads in the first picture) as well as for the 9 Mushrooms the price is 7€. You can buy all these on’s website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. All pictures above belong to


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