Bitspudlo – Greenskins and where to find them 73

Hexy is a shop that sells all kinds of miniatures from different manufacturers, there’s a lot of humans there, that evoke a strong Mordheim feeling in me. But they also list a shop category for Orcs, which might be a bit barren now, but shows a miniature, for that only a handfull of manufacturers exist. Bitspudlo is one of them.

Their “Orc Demigod Ahle Ghruda” is one of those stone idols you could us in Warhammer Fantasy or now The 9th Age. If you don’t play any of those he could stand in for a giant. But if you dig a bit deeper in their shop you’ll find some Myconids, mushroom creatures, that could feel right at come in clammy Goblin caves.

Those come in the flavours of awakened mushrooms, which could stand in as Squigs or base decoration and herders and King, which both feature slightly Goblinoid features and could be used as such (or Trolls – the shop states they are on 40mm bases for the mushrooms and the herders and 50mm for the king). Those awakened Mushrooms come in packs of 6 for $29, while the Herders are $20 and the King is $16. The stone Giant costs $47.

If you want to buy any of these, you can do so in the Hexy Store. You can also follow Bitspudlo and Hexy on Facebook. All pictures above belong to Hexy Store.

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