Night Miniatures (Games Miniatures) – Greenskins and where to find them 83

Another Kickstarter but this time in a far more modern style (oh and fantasy football again – I can’t leave it, might as well make a category for it). Night Miniatures created a team of circus themed Greenskins, with Jack-in-the-box-Goblins, Clowns and Goblins on stilts. There’s also a Giant Goblin and two Goblins who ride piggy back as Trolls. This all reminds me very much of the nightmarish clowns from Killer Klowns from outer space…

Update 31.12.19: they now call themselves Games Miniatures and did probably never produce those Goblins due to both Kickstarters failing.

I mean the Clown theme has been connected to Goblin Jesters like Gubbins or even the Goblins from the “The Chase” set from GW, so it isn’t really far fetched. The whole team is 65€ and are made in resin. If you want some you can pledge for them on their Kickstarter. Night Miniatures are also available on their website and can be followed on Facebook. All pictures above belong to Night Miniatures.

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