Avatars of War – Greenskins and where to find them 32

With Felix Paniagua mentioned in the last entry, it’s only logical to now concentrate on his current venture Avatars of War. Avatars of War started of creating heroes for armies. Now they produce some regiments like Dwarfes, but for our beloved Greenskins there’s sadly no such thing. However there are 5 Orc and 5 Goblin heroes.

Next to a standard Goblin, there’s a Night Goblin King, a Night Goblin Shaman and a fat Goblin. For the Orcs there’s actually a bit more choice. While 4 of them are just a fixed model out of the box, the new Iron Orc Warlord is actually made of resin and has several head and weapon options available. The older models are all made from metal.

If you want some Orc and Goblin heroes, these are available on Avatars of Wars website and you can follow Avatars of War on Twitter and Facebook. All pictures above belong to Avatars of War.

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