Fenryll – Greenskins and where to find them 82

When I first started out looking at other companies than GW, Fenryll was among the first I found. Sporting a wide range of Orcs and Goblins among other fantasy miniatures, including a Giant with an orcy face, it’s hard for me to decide which pictures to show. Let’s work our way up size-wise

There are two different wolf riders, a chariot and more than 20 infantry Goblins available. The Orcs are similar, sporting a single boar rider, a chariot and some Orc and Half Orc infantry (including females) to match.

Then there are the Trolls. There are 7 different one available, ranging from Trolls throwing stuff to Zombie Trolls and female Trolls. I also have to mention the Forest Giant I talked about in the beginning:

Those miniatures are all made in resin. The Giant costs 30€, the two Trolls shown are available for 11€ as a set. 3 Orcs or 4 Goblins are 10€ for a set, with heroes costing 7-10€. Fenryll sells those over at their shop and can also be followed on Facebook and Twitter. All pictures shown belong to Fenryll.


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