Ramshackle Games – Greenskins and where to find them 30

Let’s tackle something bigger again. For the next entry in this series we look at Ramshackle Games, who manufacture a wide range of miniatures, most sporting a post apocalyptic theme. Since their Orcs are really low tech though, there should be no problem using them at all.

The war machines above are crewed by Goblins, most other stuff are bigger Greenskins like the Orc Archers above. Shamans ride beasts dubbed “Dungers” and Trolls are big, stony guys.

If those Trolls aren’t big enough for you though, there’s still Giants. There’s the Hill Giant and the modified version of the Goblin War Giant, who is ridden by a Goblin on a throne.

10 Archers are £18, the ballista is £10 and the catapult is £15. The Giants are £20 and £25 respectively. You can buy the Goblin crew of the war machines or the Goblin Throne of the Giant seperately and Ramshackle offers a bitz service, their “Partz-Bazaar”, which isn’t too common anymore. If you like to you can visit Ramshackle Miniatures on Facebook or Twitter or buy their models on their website. All pictures above belong to Ramshackle Games.


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