RPE Miniatures and Games – Greenskins and where to find them 49

RPE (short for Ral Partha Europe) produce and sell a huge array of classic miniatures, including Demonworld and Battletech miniatures as well as the old Heartbreaker ranges, just to give you a few examples. In their category of 28mm warband and RPG miniatures they have sorely few Goblins, only three assassin like guys (first picture), which are £2,50 each. Apart from that they produce their range of Ral Partha Fantasy armies, which include Orcs, Goblins, Tribal Orcs (inspired by African natives), Gargantuan Orcs and Trolls by Bob Olley (which I may or may not own all of…).

Depending on size you pay around £8 for 6 Goblins to £3,50 per Troll. All these categories include a lot of miniatures, so if you don’t mind a little metal, they are usable for army building. Same goes for the Heartbreaker range Ral Partha Europe sells. There are a lot Orcs and Goblins by Kev Adams and some few Forest Goblins and Trolls by Tim Prow. Most of the 12 Orcs are £2 to £3, while the Goblins (27 by Kev Adams and 3 by Tim Prow) range from £2 to £2,50.

Above you can see (from left to right) a Troll by Tim Prow, a Kev Adams Goblins and an Orc. You can find all these in RPEs online shop and follow them on Facebook. All images shown belong to RPE Miniatures and Games.


    • The basic paints look really basic, but if mixing is no problem they seem incredibly inexpensive. I wish I could stuff like that here in Germany as well, you’re lucky if you get Vallejo and Army Painter here (although I like both and would only buy others to try them out). Which colour did you use?
      Oh and thanks for mentioning me on the 9th Age Forums, that was a record high for me regarding klicks 😀


      • I got their “chainmail” as I was told it matched well with the old “Bolt Gun Metal” from Citadel/GW.. and it did. Not a perfect match but a much closer match than any Vallejo metallic paints. The paint is thinner (smoother flow) than most Vallejo too (and less shiny metal, like the old Bolt Gun Metal), but seems to be very high pigment and coverage was very good, painting over black well. I have also bought one of their black paints now to give it a try. But the guy in the shop did warn me their quality control is not that great and you can get some duff runs from them. BUT they are also very cheap too like you mention. The range online though does seem to be rather basic too… so I’ve cooled off a little on them now with all this new info, but I will continue to try one or two I think over the next few months and see what they are like. Super happy with their chainmail though as I say.

        No worries re: T9A, you deserve more eyes on your blog! I will probably mention it a few more places soon 🙂

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  1. I really dislike stiff metallic paints, so I’ll definitely try them should I ever stumble across some at an expo or such… For base coats they could work and there are other manufacturers to compliment their range 🙂


    • Well you’re right… And kind of wrong. The painted Troll in the first pictures is sculpted by Bob Olley, while the unpainted one in the second batch of pictures is in the store category of Heartbreaker Miniatures -> Tim Prow Biggies, which could be assumed to be sculpted by the (also great) Tim Prow. To be honest, while I enjoy most Bob Olley stuff more, in the case of the Trolls sold by RPE I like Prows work more. They just give me a more “trolly” vibe if you know what I mean. Fitting to most of my Kev Adams Goblins I just like the cartoony kind of Trolls a bit better 🙂


    • Oh and I the Trolls by Tim Prow in the second paragraph was only referring to the Heartbreaker Trolls, but you are right, it could be mistaken to mean all Trolls, so I’ve updated the article to include Bob Olleys’ name, it’s kind of silly anyway to include two great sculptors names and leave out the third. Thank you for your input!


  2. that’s the beauty of it. i never was into the cartoon style, i like my minis more on the “realistic” side (an oxymoron in so-called fantasy and leisure games, but what do i care).

    and yes, i was triggered because i saw that olley initially was omitted regarding the fantasy armies section, where he sculpted the ogres and trolls, amongst others, albeit his sculpt is featured prominently with the image of the painted infantry troll wielding an axe.

    prow did indeed sculpt the trolls in the heartbreaker range, but i’m not into that style so i didn’t explicitly mention it, should have been more precise.

    glad we got it sorted and kudos for your blog! i had pondered starting the same thing focusing on trolls, but seeing as they’re more or less covered along the orcs and goblins, i’ll lean back and enjoy the posts here for the time being.

    alles im grünen bereich!

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    • Since English is not my mother tongue I could have fallen into that trap of not being precise in a lot more entries 😀

      I started with 7th edition and all the minis I dreamt of back then had that comical quality to it, I suppose that left an impression on me 🙂

      At first I wrote a lot of those articles in bulk, because at the start I wrote like 80 mails asking for permission to use pictures and got a lot of answers in that time. I only later discovered the option to set a preview picture and always tried to choose a painted one if existent. That’s why text and picture not always correlate perfectly, but this instance here should be the worst extend this could have so I don’t bother too much for now 🙂

      Thank you very much! Any companies producing Trolls I might have forgotten?


  3. geht vielleicht schneller per epost (sollte intern angezeigt werden).

    schick mir eine mail, dann kann ich dir eine (ebenfalls unvollständige) liste schicken. ich hab’ nicht alle deine einträge durchgelesen, sondern nur auf die schnelle nach trollen in der suchfunktion geschaut, da kann es also ein paar überlappungen geben. und vorweg, es kann ein weilchen dauern, da ich im augenblick viel um die ohren habe.


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