Black Scorpion – Greenskins and where to find them 3

Our next manufacturer hails from England as well and sells miniatures sculpted by Adam Clarke: Black scorpion. They sell a number of pirates of the fantasy and the realistic variants as well as Cowboys and co for their game Tombstone and Fantasy Football miniatures for generic systems.

I’ll have to do a review for Cutlass, their pirate game at a later point, since I’m very fond of it. It has been discontinued but you can download it for free here. Since Cutlass is in decline, they seem to not produce them anymore. For the Giant at least I have confirmation for this. Update 31.12.19: While the normal Orc Troopers had to leave the range as well, there has been a new Orc admiral lately, so the range is not forsaken in total.

Black Scorpion produced a number of Orc and Goblin pirates, some of which can still be purchased at their store, although I would advise haste if you want some. Currently the Orc and Goblin Admiral and the Goblin Crew are still available. All their models are produced in Resin, but if you happen to find older casts online, those are metal.

Normally I’d seperate Fantasy Football from Fantasy Wargames, but with trolls most of the time not having weapons anyway and Snotlings not carrying anything dangerous either, both of them could blend in with armies.

The troll and Orc Admiral are available for £9,60 , while 4 to 5 infantry warriors cost £12. A pack of 10 Snots is £12 as well, but they look to be at the bigger size of Snotlings. For miniatures aimed at a skirmish game the price is average, but especially for characters or for the troll it is good for rank and file as well. From my personal experience the quality is top notch.

You can find Black Scorpion Miniatures on Facebook, Twitter and on their website. All pictures above belong to Black Scorpion.


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