RAFM Miniatures & Games – Greenskins and where to find them 84

RAFM Miniares carries a line of RAFM Fantasy Miniatures, which include a lot of more unusual stuff like “Bad Boys Orc Marines”, Scarecrows or Angels, but also more generic fantasy stuff like Orcs and Goblins. Here they have a large assortment of Greenskins, 34 sets in total. There are Orc and Goblin infantry as well as some rather strange cavalry among the usual wolf and boar riders:

There are of course also some heroes and an Orc catapult with a giant skull on its front face:

As for pricing it’s really easy: other than the catapult and a Goblin Pteranodon Rider, who are $11 each, each set is $9, be it 4 Goblins, 3 Orcs, two riders or a hero. You can buy all these on RAFMs homepage and will soon be able to follow them on Facebook, since they just started a new page there. All pictures above belong to RAFM Miniatures and Games.

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