Four A miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 1

First of is a exactly what I want to show you on this blog: a smaller company, a lot of people might not know and that features a lot of great sculpts: Four A miniatures. Next to mutants, human heroes and some dwarfs, Andrew sells a range of aquatic Goblins and their adversaries, the sea demons.

The Goblins remind me of the swamp-dwelling Boglars of GWs older Goblin Fluff and are sculpted by Kev Adams. Some of them are accompanied by the so called “little lizards” which aren’t only really cute but can also be used as any kind of critters that follow Goblins around (I’m using mine as Squigs).

Some sample pictures from the Four A shop.

Four A have 29 different infantry Sculpts of Swamp Goblins available (33 if you count the crew of their spear thrower), a crab rider and some more generic and often heavily armoured Goblin heroes. The Goblin Brawlers as well as a hero and a wizard are sculpted by Adam Gayford and fit in very will with the Kev Adams sculpts and could be used as all kinds of shady gits.

Above you can see a truly inspiring army shot of the little gits from David Powell, who had part in creating the Goblins. If you want to see more army pictures and sketches for the Goblins you should visit The Grinning Loon Project, Davids blog, or his Facebook page.

With £2 per normal Goblin and £2,50 per Hero the models are on the affordable side of individual metal models. Four A offers some bundles for their Goblins where you can get 25 for £40 pounds.

You can find Andrews Goblins on his website, and on Facebook.
All pictures above belong to Four A Miniatures, except for the army shot which belongs to David Powell.


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