Battleaxe Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 50

Here’s a short one: Battleaxe Miniatures sculpt miniatures mainly for War World Gaming. At the moment there’s only one Goblin Apprentice sold there for £6,50. Battleaxe Miniatures Facebook page shows some fantasy football heavy Goblin sculpts and I really love the faces on them. All pictures shown belong to Battleaxe Miniatures:

Update 31.12.19: Battleaxe miniatures have finished the Blood Bowl Team of Goblins (well the base guys and a chainsaw wielding guy). The full team with two Trolls is £35 while the specialist is £7. On his Facebook page there are some pictures of a pogoer being sculpted at this moment.


    • Yes. Right now the guy is sculpting a pogoer. The trolls are quite nice and the unpainted pictures on Facebook hint that they now use another kind of resin from my review. That one was really brittle and hard, but now that they produce more miniatures alongside their terrain at war world gaming. At first I didn’t want to include any fantasy football stuff, but there’s just too much stuff out there that also works for battles.

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      • Thanks for all the feedback! Not having facebook (or much time) I couldn’t possibly keep up with all this, but I’ll sure be following your blog closely. That’s really precious.

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      • I’m almost exclusively using Facebook for wargaming related stuff. I found some of the companies here just because I keep an open eye at some groups.
        It’s also good for contacting companies. I share stuff I find there most of the time if it doesn’t warrant it’s own entry or just expands on the ones I got. Otherwise I’ll just link to my articles here on Facebook and Twitter for the people without a profile to follow me here 🙂

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