Antimatter Games – Greenskins and where to find them 4

For the next company we stay within the aquatic theme. Antimatter Games produces the systems Shadow Sea and Deep Wars and has some Goblin and Troll miniatures folded in in the respective factions.

Above you see 3 of the 4 Goblins distributed by Antimatter Games, all sculpted by Kev Adams and look somewhat different than your normal Goblins. While these are cute and characterfull for a skirmish game, even fans of rank and file systems may find some miniatures at Antimatter games:

Both trolls are done in resin and are $17,99 and $26,99 respectively. While the Sea Troll on the right will fit in really well with the Sea Goblins, the Forest Troll on the left will fit in with most more traditional armies.

Update 31.12.19: Antimatter games now also sells STL files to print out miniatures yourself. There’s a set of 6 Sea Goblins for $9,99, a champion for $2,99 and two trolls for $6,99 each:

You can find Antimatter Games on their Facebook page as well as on their Homepage. All pictures above belong to Antimatter Games.

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