Norba Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 28

We leave Kev Adams for a bit and have a look at the spanish company Norba Miniatures. Norba Miniatures produces a wide range of fantasy miniatures. Orcs and Goblins are one of their smallest ranges, but are still interesting.

Update 31.12.19: Norba Miniatures retired some of their old resin kits and started replacing them with plastic. They started with their Bretonnians, and it is not known yet if or when they’ll replace their Goblins.

They just offer those Night Goblin Warlocks for 5€ for both and this Skewerer with a cobbled on Orc face for 13,50€. You can buy those miniatures in Norba Miniatues’ Shop and find them on Facebook. Both pictures above belong to Norba Miniatures.


    • At the moment yes, but in the future probably not. I’ll make a note above those days. Norba stopped their resin production (and as you can see in my review it wasn’t really great), but they started making new molds in plastic. On Facebook they’ve shown quite a few bretonnian kits. They’ll probably come around to goblins again, but there’s no telling when.

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