Red Box Games – Greenskins and where to find them 18

Tre Manors Red Box Games sell miniatures for a lot of fantasy races. Although his Orc and Goblin Kickstarter may have been canceled, Tre still released the Goblins from there on his normal website.

Update 31.12.19:Red Box games seems to have changed their range significantly since the original article, with some minis not being available anymore and some more Goblins. Since they have a similar style and for archiving purposes I’ll leave all pictures here as they are.

If you think “those look awfully familiar”, you would not be mistaken, since Tre sculpted Goblins for Reaper in the past and has kept his style since. Other than the normal Goblins, Tre also imagined Bonebacks, the larger and stronger brethren of them:

His latest releases included wolves and more Goblins, but the most interesting (for me) are the Troll warriors, since he had nothing like them in store before.

All Goblins cost around $4 each, with the Bonebacks and heroes being slightly more expensive. The troll warriors come in at $9 each. You can also buy a set with the last releases. If you want to see all the Goblins I didn’t show here, visit Red Box Games webstore or visit their Facebook. All pictures above belong to Red Box Games.

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