Satanic Panic Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 80

Next up is a Kickstarter (well at the time I’m writing this) from Satanic Panic Miniatures. When I first found their Great Gnolls, I thought “nice, those look a bit like Goblins” – I’m pretty young and don’t know a lot about the old stuff, so I was pretty lucky that Mark wrote me a little passage about his inspiration:

“They Great Gnolls were inspired by the very first Goblins I owned back at the beginning of the 80s, the groundbreaking Fantasy Tribes range. They are the figures I began with 40 years ago and the designs actually predated the 1982 launch of Warhammer. It’s a reimagining and expansion on 2 figures from the range, extrapolating on what might have been had they widened the range. The Great Gnolls have an amazing level of possible variations, actually exceeding by a factor of ten, the variety of the old Fantasy Tribes ranges which were a benchmark for style and variety in the Golden Age.”

I also got a sneak peek on what you’re able to do with all of those parts and who would I be not to show you: The last for all use the same body and head, but as you can see, the pose seems natural whether you use a spear, a halberd, a crossbow or a sling. In doubt, simply turn the head 180 degrees.

Before the campaign started, Mark also showed off some variations on his Facebook, so you should check that out as well. The Miniatures have been sculpted by Martin Buck, who also drew the concept art. There’s no risk in pledging here, since the models are all already sculpted and the master molds are already made. There are also some boar riders in the making, which will get their own Kickstarter. During the Kickstarter a pack of 4 Gnoll troopers or 3 command models costs £9 (at the most expensive, basic pledge level), which will raise to £12 once the Kickstarter is completed. At the moment you can buy these over the Kickstarter, I suppose later they’ll move on to Satanic Panic Miniatures’ website. All pictures shown above belong to Satanic Panic Miniatures.

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