Fenris Games – Greenskins and where to find them 13

Now for something bigger and meaner than giant chickens and Orcs. Fenris Games Wyrdworld range offers some really big guys for your Orc and Goblin armies.

Fenris Games Troll King is a true giant standing at 75mm high. But Wyrdworld also includes a pit fighter and an Ogre which fit aesthetically in most Orc armies and some trolls that seem to fit very well with the Pig Faced Orcs from Antediluvian Miniatures.

The Troll King is 28 Pounds, the Pit Fighter 3,50 Pounds and most Ogre-sized miniatures cost around 12 to 13 Pounds. Fenris Games miniatures can be bought on their homepage. Fenris games is the exclusive importer of Dragon Bait Miniatures from the USA, which I hope to cover in a later entry. Fenris games can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter. All pictures shown above belong to Fenris Games.

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