Titan Wargames – Review

If you don’t know Titan Wargames yet, please have a look at my first article on them first. Titan Wargames generously sent me these miniatures free of charge. I got a nice little package of almost every Greenskin they produce, so I should have a good overview over the range. The miniatures were all packaged in bubble wrap, with the resin Orcs being in an extra bubble wrap poach. I suppose I could have jumped on that box without anything happening to the minis.

All the miniatures are in one piece and bases are included. The resin is a light grey and pretty flexible, details are crisp and there’s very little mold flash. As you can see in the second picture there was a bit on some very easy to remove places. The Orcs of Titan Wargaming are a bit more human like, have ended their infighting and banded together under the reign of an Orcish queen. They certainly don’t mix well with most GW Orcs but I can see a lot of use for them with RPG players.

Like the Orcs, the Goblins have a rather unique design. They’re underground dwellers, but rather than GW, whose iteration just really evolved to wear hoods, Titan Wargames Goblins are pale (well at least in the product pictures) and hunched over and adorn themselves with looted dwarven stuff – oh and the fluff mentions creatures of the deep including Angler Beasts – I’d really like to see them. The Goblins are made out of metal and like the Orcs have very minor mold flash. For some of them I didn’t even have to clean up anything. I especially liked their king with it’s horned crown mutation and clawed feet. He’s also a bit bigger than the rest of the bunch.

I think especially the Goblins are great value with 8 Goblins coming in at £10, but the whole unit including 3 command models, a shaman and the king is £20. The Orcs are £5 per model, but since they’re more kind of hero models, these are on the affordable side too. There’s definitely no complaining about quality here and if you like the design, I highly recommend Titan Wargames. If you’re now only left wondering how big those are, here are some scale shots:

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