Mantic Games – Greenskins and where to find them 63

There has come the time where we tacke our first industry giant: Mantic Games was at first perceived as a discount GW by some but has since distinguished themselves with elegant game systems (including some big licences like Hellboy and The Walking Dead) and unique miniatures. In their fantasy game system Kings of War, Orcs and Goblins are different armies, but since you’re pretty flexible with allies, that doesn’t make a huge difference. Since most of you might already know those, I picked a few pictures from their army sets to show them off:

Most of those miniatures are available seperately as well, with the exception being the Orclings, which are additions in the Orc infantry boxes. You have those models Mantic. Please make it happen! Most of the troops are in plastic, with some weapon options requiring metal add ons. Others, like the Fleabag Riders are in resin and most heroes are entirely in metal. Then there’s their new giant, who’s made in a really flexible PVC plastic. And he’s huge, standing at 19cm. He came out with Mantics fantasy skirmisher Vanguard and they’ve just started making some more Goblins meant for that game.

Mantics miniatures are pretty affordable, with the Giant being £25, 20 Goblins for £20 or 3 Trolls for £20. If you’re considering the bigger sets, it becomes a lot cheaper even, with 40 Goblins (that’s the smallest set) being £30. The Vanguard Goblins are more expensive but obviously meant for skirmish games. If you fancy those miniatures you can buy them on Mantics Website. Mantic also has Facebook and if you play one of their games I can only recommend the corresponding groups. All pictures shown belong to Mantic Games.

Update 31.12.19: The nicer looking Vanguard Goblins have been so well received, that Mantic recently wrote in their Blog that there’ll be new Goblin kits replacing the old resin and metal ones this summer, being a full plastic mulit part kit.


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