Slave 2 Gaming – Greenskins and where to find them 6

Going back to metal but staying with oldhammery sculpts: Slave 2 Gaming, who now exclusively sell the Goblin Factory range of Miniatures. The range consists -well, no surprise- of Goblins.

They got armoured and unarmoured Goblins with different weapon options on foot and on wolves. With prices a bit over 1€ per Mini for the unarmoured Goblins and just under 2€ per armoured Goblin they are on the lower end of the price spectrum. With 22 different Wolf Riders and 52 different Goblin Infantry they offer a lot of options.

Slave 2 Gaming is pretty flexible with their packs in offering special orders for other combinations of their miniatures as well as offering to swap out bases for the ones you need for your particular wargame.

Slave 2 Gaming can be found on their homepage as well as on Facebook. All pictures above belong to them.

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