Greebo Games – Greenskins and where to find them 17

For the next entry, we have to venture into fantasy football territory again. Greebo Games specialises on teams with a twist. And while I’ll spare you the adorable p-orc team (it is even cuter than it sounds), the Waaagh-Sabi Goblin team can in parts really be considered for wargames.

A team full of Japan inspired Goblins, containing Ninjas, Oni Trolls and even a Goblin Geisha. Most of these come armoured or armed, and while they may not be enough to make an army of, they would certainly be enough for a skirmish. And if you feel like cute Squigs, you could check out their Bunny range. In particular this fellow:

Individual Goblins will cost you 6€ to 8€, with the whole team including two Trolls costing 85€. You can buy their miniatures on their homepage and otherwise find Greebo Games on Facebook. All pictures above belong to Greebo Games.

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