Scotia Grendel – Greenskins and where to find the 97

Scotia Grendel has a diverse range of miniatures, including 1:200 and 1:300 historical miniatures. On the green side we have undead Orcs and a few living ones. Those are pretty standard fantasy Orcs and Goblins, although they look pretty good:

A set of 4 Orcs or Goblins is £6,50, with the undead Orcs and the command model packs only including 3 models. Then there’s the more eccentric stuff – the range Goblins of the World – which imagines Goblins as Scots, Fantasy Football Fans, Steppe Goblins and hoplite Goblins. Oh and then there’s the big stuff, which lead me to Scotia Grendel in the first place, having seen them used as regiments for Kings of War.

There are also Giant Orcs, which cost £10 for 2 models in resin. The lesser Goblin testudos are £9 for 2 and the towers on the warbeasts are double that. There’s a lot more monsters available, sou you better have a look yourself. Oh and Orc Dino riders. The Goblins of the World are £6 for 4 models, with a regimental pack of 20 miniatures for £25 available. Oh and did I mention that they offer reduced prices for big orders? All these miniatures can be bought over at Scotia Grendels website. You can also follow Scotia Grendel on Facebook. All pictures shown here belong to them.


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