War World Gaming – Review

War World Gaming predominantly produces terrain, but they also have a single Goblin – like always, please check out my initial article first if you need context or any links. At the moment I’m writing this, War World Gaming has a 20% discount on all their stuff and offers a bonus gift on orders of £10. Oh and there’s another £5 discount if you subscribe to the newsletter. I just really wanted the Goblin but this swayed me to spend the £25 required for the discount code. I figured I could use some more buildings for my Mordheim table and to fill my cart I also ordered a small wall section:

Most articles come in a plastic bag with a War World Gaming sticker on them. The Goblin additionally had a blister around him. With the miniature you get a cobblestone base. I’ll stick everything I get on a square base anyways, the base looks good. You could make some on your own, but there’s something about having a finished product in front of you – by the way, the gift included were 5 more of those bases for me, which retail for £4 in their shop, should I ever need round bases they’ll certainly come in handy. Now for the Goblin: the tab below his feet is too thick to fit into a slotted base, so I had to cut it. With the very thin ankles of the Goblin and the quite hard resin this resulted in me breaking the foot off. That’s easy to fix and I probably approached the problem pretty ham-fisted. But just beware: that resin is a dark, brittle kind of resin.

The ears and nose had some mold flash on it and I was weary to cut it due to the nature of the material. Since the mold flash was so thin this was no problem though. The worst offender though was the left arm of the little guy, which had a mold slip and a hole in his shoulder which I had to fill with green stuff since it bothered me. With the back of the Goblin and the visible pages of the book in his hand you can see that they’re clearly able to do the details and cleaned up the Goblin looks good. You can also see this possible quality with the buildings. I ordered the Fantasy Village Ruined Houses set, including 3 buildings. They have a fair amount of MDF buildings in store as well, which benefits these buildings as well, since they got a MDF first floor so they have a second level to play on. As you can see, the front is finely detailed and has details like broken in doors. The mold flash, if there’s any just looks like rubble and destroyed stuff. The back of the buildings though is just flat poured resin, which looks a bit bland. I didn’t realize this before buying the buildings – I would have bought them anyways at £22 retail price for three buildings, but I think I’ll cover the back in structure paste to make it a bit more interesting to look at. I probably would have liked some angles or ledges to reinforce the upper level. I suppose a ledge would defeat the purpose of having a sigle part mold, so that’s not an option, but you can probably do this on your own with a bit of balsa wood or a leftover sprue of some kind.

The wall segment I also got is perfect in every way and is only £3 – you can also get more of those for a discount or painted ones. So to cap that review off: The prices are low and you’ll get what you pay for, but it’s a lot less effort than building the stuff yourself and you can easily patch up the flaws the stuff has. For the Goblin I suppose they need a bit more practice, but there’s promise and the model is really nice. He’s normally £6,50, which is normal for a single resin miniature I suppose. He’s a big bigger than a GW night Goblin and will probably serve as a low level wizard in my armies or apprentice in Frostgrave for me.

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