Fenryll – Review

Recently I placed an order with Fenryll (initial article here). The order took some time, but they notified me of this as soon as they knew – some of the molds had to be replaced. That’s fine, I’m happy to get a better product and I was pretty glad that they told me instead of just leave me waiting. The package was pretty mishandled and crumpled together – I wonder if the French always do this. I don’t think that’s Fenrylls fault and the minis would have been packed in a safe way if not for the fat postman that apparently sat on it. The minis were packed in bags in the according blisters. I got the Greenskin set (“les peaux vertes”), the Black Orcs, an Orc command and a blister of normal Orcs. I wanted the free shipping and like the design of the minis. There’s a discount code for first time customers (“bienvenue” or “welcome”) that will discount your order by 5€ if you are interested. But on with the review:

The sets were all complete, but due to the mishandling of the package, a few parts were broken. With most parts like the staff of the Shaman or a sword I wasn’t sure if they were broken at all and it was easy to glue them back together. I suppose it wasn’t on purpose, because the parts that were separated by design had pins and holes so they’d be easier to glue. The worst offender was an ear – I was pretty cautious to not lose it and got it washed without it vanishing… but in the end I lost it. No idea where it is, will have to sculpt a new one. Here’s all parts laid out:

There are a lot of resin bars to parts of the models, but those are easy to cut away and the detail on the miniatures is great. The resin isn’t too brittle and I had almost no mold lines. I found a few bubbles on the boar rider and a part of the banner from the Orc set is hollow, but I suppose it will be stable enough and the bubbles are in easily fixable places. Overall the quality is great!

Above you can see the Orc banner bearer and how the banner is connected to the pole. I like to see where stuff belongs and I’m pretty sure the bond will be pretty strong. The picture of the Troll is just there to see how long it’s neck is. He looks somewhat hillarious, but I like it. Below it’s chin was the only real mold line I had to cut and as you can see the place was pretty easy to reach.

The Troll and the Goblin King had some pretty cool separate bases – the base for the Goblin was 25mm though and the issue of strange bases holds true for most of the models. All Orcs save for the boss have 20mm bases molded to them and the boar rider is on a 20*40mm base. This meant I had to cut most of them. This is a shame for basic scenic bases and cutting them is hard on the models. I only broke 2 legs in 11 models which isn’t too bad – as soon as I’ve primed them you won’t be able to tell the difference. Down below is a group picture. The shaman was so connected to its base that I’ll try to hide the old base with cork. Having a hero elevated a bit higher is no issue to me. I also got the dragon below. I wasn’t able to find them in the shop. I like the model, I’ll probably try to sculpt him wings to have a wyvern. Let’s see if I’m able to manage that.

The minis fit well with GW Greenskins scale wise and will probably fit in the best with more oldschool models. Due to the amount of different Greenskin races I did some more scale shots than usual. I payed roughly 50€ for a Troll, 10 Orcs including a rider and a shaman and boss for each of the two main Greenskin races. Overall I’m really happy with the miniatures, although it was a hassle to get them all off their bases to have legal miniatures for most games. If you can put up with that I can only recommend the miniatures.

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