Knightmare Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 25

Were staying with Kev Adams for the next company. Knightmare Models features a huge and growing range of Goblins and lately Orcs as well. All of these have a pretty oldschool feel and are instantly recognizable as works of the Goblin Master.

There are several different races of Goblins present here, from cave dwelling Doom Goblins to the impressively huge Black Goblins. There are also Feral Goblins, Hill Goblins and Hobgoblins. The amount of models here is huge and I’m pretty sure I have some of these guys from Kickstarters not even in the shop yet. For their larger cousins, the range is smaller, but really young as well. While Goblins were present with the previous owner of the range, Crooked Claw, as well, Diegos Knightmare Games brought Orcs to the table.

Just remember that the boars are metal too, so you could possibly stone your opponent with them. If that’s not big enough for you though, there are still the Bugbears and Trolls, and if you want to stone your opponent in game rather than real life, there is the machinery available to do so.

The prices vary greatly on the kind of sets and size of Greenskin you want. 4 Goblins for example are roughly 12€, a bigger set of 10 Archers is 29€. Heros are 5-6€, Wolf Riders and big guys around 6,50€ a piece in sets and the war machines with crew are from 15€ to 20€. Orcs are roughly 5€ per model. There’s also some nice big mushroom scenery pieces. You can find these models in Knightmare Miniatures online shop and follow them on Facebook. All pictures above belong to Knightmare Miniatures.

Update 31.12.19: there has now been another Kickstarter that also introduced Goblins with Squigs on sticks as well as some Greenskin Hunters to the mix, as well as Orc archers and some more armored Goblins. Beware that the prices shown are Kickstarter prices:


    • Hi Diego! Great you’ve read it. This is just the tip of the ice berg, at a later point I plan to do a real review on your minis, I have had the all in pledge on your first Kickstarter and some part of most subsequent one, so I’ve got a lot of minis to talk about.


    • Hey mate, how’s going?
      I would love to finally see your take on some of those Greenskin Wars models as you said 🙂
      Always happy to read other people comments on them, I’m quite used to see the critters everyday into bags, boxes, envelopes…LOL



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