Other Companies 1 – Greenskins and where to find them

Excalibur Miniaturen

Excalibur Miniaturen (yes, they are German!), produces erotic models as they call them and some fantasy miniatures. Those include some Orcs and Goblins, a few of which I actually own. Those were (and this is an assumption. I read it somewhere but I have no proof for it) partially sculpted by Werner Klocke who is known for Freebooters Fate. The shop isn’t working properly and I didn’t get an answer for all my emails, but they specifically put their email there because they know the shop wasn’t working properly. They also claim they don’t produce miniatures any more, so if you want some of them, now seems to be your last chance. Let me know of your experience if you do so.

SHQ Miniatures

SHQ haven’t answered me yet, but I have seen some of their miniatures painted on Twitter by Kev Moon. The guy paints miniatures on a level I can only dream of and has a great array of miniatures. This is also why I linked the Ogres above – they have some miniatures that would fit in very well as bigger Orcs or smaller Trolls.

Warlord Games

Warlord Games have a lot of terrain and non fantasy stuff, but also a sprue of Orcs. The design is solid, more Lord of the Rings like and nothing special, but for a rather cheap price, so if you dig the design I suppose they are a good choice. The shop certainly operates and I already got in touch with them, only waiting for the marketing department to contact me, so it is definitely safe to throw money at them.

Scibor Monsterous Miniatures

A similar case here: they definitely exist and are pretty active on social media, but only the owner is able to give me permission and he seems to get a lot of spam, so it’s hard for me to get to him. They do rather unusual Goblins, which are a lot fatter than most and thus work great as unit champions. The riders ride pugs instead of wolves. The Orcs are more traditional muscle bound brutes which ride boars. Certainly no cheap, but very unique and cool miniatures.


  1. Excalibur may respond eventually. I waited a few months to hear back (they’ve got some seriously nice dwarves) and finally got an email from the only staff member who speaks English, who happens to work part time in the mail room

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    • I mean I am German and wrote them in German. My first mail was in April, with a new one approximately every month. But since the website never said anything else I guess there still in business. Maybe I’ll have to try from another email address.


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