Atlantis Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 42

Atlantis Miniatures produces 3D-modelled fantasy miniatures from resin. 3 out of their 5 product lines fit in with our Greenskin theme, with the others being mythological creatures and Dwarfs. First, we have a range of Goblins, composed of a plethora of individual figures and sets of 3 riders. There’s also a giant Goblin King, carried on a throne.

The bigger stuff includes Orcs and Trolls, with the Trolls being more akin to giants with the one I’ll show you being 125mm high. In the Trolls range there’s also my favourite, a mushroom-overgrown Forest Giant.

Sets of 3 Goblin riders are £27, 3 Orc riders are £38. Most single figures are in the range of £6 to £12, depending on size. Most Trolls are £35 (as is the Goblin King) to £50. You can find all those models on Atlantis Miniatures’ Website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. All pictures above belong to Atlantis Miniatures.

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