Warploque Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 46

From resin to metal (well mostly), sold by the English family business Warploque Miniatures. They produce their own skirmish game Arcworlde, for which they offer different factions, all with a twist on the normal fantasy formula. There are Undead Pirates, Feral Elves, swamp dwelling Bayourks and Jungle Gremlins. The last two represent our Greenskins (and theres a huge bestiary including a Giant).

As you can see, I lied to you in the first sentence. Some of the bigger models are resin. The Orcs and Goblins shown belong to the Bayourk faction, Orcs living in a swamp and inspired in part by pirates and in part by South American Hillbillis that play banjo and brew Moonshine. This includes Voodoo as well and the Swamp Critters could be used as Squigs. Be warned though: those Orcs are really big! Next to the Jungle Gremlins, those ruffians could come of as civilised though:

Those Goblins are very savage and live in tribes of their own. There are archers, spearmen, hunters and even an alternate Chieftain riding a Death Kiwi. The Death Kiwi is just one of the many beasts roaming Arcworlde. There is a plethora of different Trolls, and a Giant:

Just for guidance: The Giant is £60, most Trolls are £21. 5 Jungle Gremlins are £14, 2 Orc Brutes are £12. As expected for a skirmish game, those are at the higher end of the spectrum, but they’re certainly neither stingy with size nor material for their miniatures. If you like them, they can be bought over at Warploque Miniatures’ shop and you can follow them on Facebook. All pictures shown belong to Warploque Miniatures.

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