Lucid Eye – Greenskins and where to find them 77

With Lucid Eye there’s a little surprise. While I expected to find most Orcs and Goblins in their Red Book of the Elf King range, the Toon Realms was where I struck gold. Not that the Red Book line has no miniatures that qualify:

The Trolls could probably work as Orcs and Cufnir seems to be a great Warboss. The Toon Realms range, while looking (of course) pretty cartoony, have Trolls, mushrooms, a wolf and a boar. The Trolls and animals have been sculpted by Trish Carden, who did a lot of stuff for GW back in the time.

Each of the two Trolls available is £8, the wolf and boar are £4,25 and 4 Truffles are £6. Cufnir the Betrayer costs £7,50. If you fancy those miniatures you can get them on Lucid Eye’s website and also follow them on Facebook or Twitter. All pictures above belong to Lucid Eye.

Update 31.12.19: Lucid Eye put out a few sets of Goblins. There are 6 normal Goblins in total as well as a Boss. The latter is £4,50, while a set of 3 is £7,50. There’s also the option to buy a pack of 24 for £36.

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