William Chamberlin – Greenskins and where to find them 108

In recent times there are a lot of distributors for files for 3D-printable models popping up. While most of them don’t leave a lasting impression on me or are just static models. Yes, I like some of them – but if I have to buy 10€ to buy a file I have to print myself and don’t really need more than once because the model is so unique, that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me as a customer. William Chamberlin however did a Kickstarter that made me reconsider that first impression of printable models: the Green Tide.

The files you can buy consist of 46 heads, 28 torsos, legs, arms (more than thirty for each side!), shields, accessories, boars… So there’s a prety big number of possible combinations. While William advises to put the model together in a 3D modeller before printing them, printing individual parts should also work. The whole set of files will cost you around $31, but you can buy 10 sample Orcs for $7… those are already assembled and you can adjust the size however you want, so why don’t go all in from the start? There’s also a set of Goblins for $13 and files for war machines for $9. For maximum comfort most of these also have printable bases included. I really wish those were a affordable box, but with 15 backers buying the rights to print them commercially, maybe someone will sell them for people without a printer.

If you’re interested you can buy all those files here. He also sells some files for monsters there that don’t have the problem of price most other file sellers suffer from I described above: I might not need 2 Hydras, but for $3 I wouldn’t feel half bad about buying only a file.All pictures shown belong to William Chamberlin – he even printed some out and painted them himself as you can see in the picture above.

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