Zolotoy Dub Miniatures / Artel W Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 15

Next up there’s another small company, more accurately a collective of artists and small companies from Russia. Artel W Miniatures. They have Sci-Fi stuff of all kinds, miniatures for a bigger Scale, busts and of course Goblins.

They’re all made from the same independent studio in their collective, Zolotoy Dub, who seem to have a soft spot for the little guys. While they are few in numbers, most of these Goblins could be used as heroes in non-skirmish-games. This is most true for at least one Goblin in the following packs:

Sets of 3 to 4 miniatures cost $16 to $20. Individual miniatures are $9. You can check out the full range at Artel W Miniatures homepage and also find them on Facebook. You can also follow Zolotoy Dubs own Facebook page here. All pictures above belog to Artel W Miniatures.

Recently, Zolotoy Dub started to make even more Goblins and Artel W also introduced a few new Sci-Fi Orcs, one of which with his Goblin sidekick and Squig buddy can also be built in a fantasy variant:


  1. […] Zolotoy Dub is a Russian company and part of the Artel W collective – they do sell their miniatures separately though if you ask them nicely, which is quite a lot more affordable. After finding that out I couldn’t resist their designs and bought the whole bunch. Here’s what I got: […]


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