Reaper Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 94

Here’s another big one. There are definitely some more knowledgeable people out there on Reaper Miniatures and I suppose most RPG players from America count towards that total. Reaper offers a great number of predominately fantasy miniatures. They number is that big that they have a figure finder on their website. There are over 200 individual products if you just search for Orcs and Goblins, some of which created by well known sculpters, such as Tre Manor from Red Box Games or Bob Olley. First most of these miniatures were only available in metal – the Dark Heaven Legends range – but over several Kickstarters they’ve also started to produce them in a flexible white plastic – the Reaper Bones range. I’ll show you just some of their offerings:

While the metal miniatures have fairly normal prices, the Bones range is cheap as chips. A gigantic Orc Warboss for $4? Sign me up. Other Orcs from the metal range are $9, so that’s no deal breaker as well. The plastic is kind of flimsy and although they claim they are ready to paint out of the box I’d wash them with soap water first, but the details are still great in the Bones material and especially for really big miniatures like Giants, the material shines by bringing you a Giant for under $10. If you are interested in those miniatures, you can follow Reaper Miniatures on Facebook or buy their miniatures in their shop. All images shown belong to Reaper Miniatures.

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