RBJ Game Company – Greenskins and where to find them 48

From rather modern to really oldschool miniatures we visit RBJ Game Company. They have a huge mixed range, including holiday miniatures and Sci-Fi stuff as well as the “throwback” category, that contains some Goblins:

There are 3 packs of 4 Goblins for $16 per pack and a troll as well as a pack of 5 command models for $20 each. While those were meant to be used as Orcs and Goblins, there’s also a Giant from a recent Kickstarter for $100. If you really want to stretch it, there’s also the adorable Hareballs, which could be used as Squigs due to their physique. They are kind of RBJs mascot though so I wanted to include them.

If you like the miniatures, you can visit RBJ Game Companies shop here and follow them on Facebook as well, if you like. All pictures above belong to RBJ Game Company.

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