Gamezone Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 93

Gamezone Miniatures is – at least here in Germany – one of the bigger names in the industry. They have a huge array of different fantasy miniatures in their range, most of them are made in metal, others, like elves and dark elves have sets of resin miniatures for under 1€ per miniature. Orcs and Goblins are not quite as fortunate, but at the very least you’ll find some nice heroes for your armies. There are also Fanatics and troopers:

I own the Warboss on boar and if you’d throw it at your opponent, you’d seriously hurt him. It is very big ans massive. The Black Orcs in the first picture are used as Ironjaws in my army. You can put them on a 40mm base without it looking strange. There are also some war machines like a ballista and a chariot of both the Orc and Goblin variant:

Single infantry Goblins cost around 7€, riders or Orc heroes around 12€ and a set of 3 Goblins is 10,50€. The Orc chariot is 46€ and the Goblin one is 33,50€. While the Hero Quest 25 Kickstarter was ill fated and most people are still waiting on their pledges years afterwards, there are at least some produced models and I was told that those resin models would become available seperately from the set when it’s released. It’s up on their website, but I’d advise you not to buy it until it is finally released. A lot of people are very tense towards Gamezone since that debacle. If you’re interested in their metal models though, you can order them on their website and follow Gamezone Miniatures, who owns all the pictures I showed you, on Facebook.


    • I really hope to get my fingers on the resin models some day. I got all the stuff bar the warmaschines and boar riders. Got the boar rider boss though. Great model. Lots of cleaning and green stuff necessary though.


      • I own the boar chariot and I have to say it’s a geat model. Also the goblin raiders and the wolf chariot look awesome.

        Unfortunately the black orcs are very expensive, but the minitures look amazing.

        Some years ago I was tempted to buy the biar riders, but thise tiny legs look fragile and i was discouraged.

        Did you have problems with your warboss model?

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      • The Black Orcs may be expensive, but they’re really big and heavy and work well as Ironjawz or even Trolls, I have them on 40mm bases and the Big Boss on a 50mm one.

        Well, you’ll certainly have to pin down the legs for those I suppose. To be honest I built mine and have him laying in the bit box since then, just never needed enough boar bosses I guess. So haven’t seen him on a base really. He has only one leg attached to the ground and that could be really difficult.
        The two halves fit together very rough, so there was a lot of green stuff required and there was serious mold flash. I can’t say for certain, but maybe he was hard to mold and thus discontinued, since he can’t be found in their shop and the German distributor doesn’t have one left either. It’s a beautiful model and really good value for 15€, but you have to know what work you’ll get yourself into…

        Was the chariot better in that regard?


  1. Well, it wasn’t very difficult, I had the same problems as you with the boar so I had to use green stuff in too, however it was easy to mount the chariot.

    In the other hand, one of the boars has just leg on the floor too, but, as there is not an orc above the boar, the miniature doesn’t weight very mutch and it still stands.

    Regarding the black orcs, I don’t play AoS so I would use them in 25mm bases (for thr 9th age). I also have the GW miniatures, but I love Gamezone tones and maybe one day…

    Thanks for the answer and congrats for your great job!

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    • Great to hear! It seems they just have a problem fitting larger parts together…

      I guess for 9th age all of those are so big you’d have to use them as warbosses or unit champions, they’re really to big to be normal troopers in my opinion. Or as Stone Trolls in a thematic list (oh I’m bad with the names).

      Ah… Iron Orks. Became better and still disappointed me in my last game 😀


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