Kromlech – Review

If you don’t know Kromlech yet, you should read my initial article first, which contains all the links to their social media and shop. If you have, let’s start: I bought the first sets of Gnaws over a retailer long ago and when the latest 2 sets hit, I also ordered them immediately – that tells you something on my stance towards them. Kromlechs miniatures come in blisters with cardboard at the back. One set of 3 Gnaws is 13€, but there’s also Gnaw herds consisting of two packs for 21,50€.

Each pack contains two Gnaws consisting of one piece and one Gnaw with a separate leg. There are also some round bases included, but they are too small for my taste. These Squigs are rather wrinkly, which makes them pretty easy to paint with dry brushing and inks. With the two multiple part ones I had a small problem: the tails are attached to the sprue, which makes it hard to cut and look good on the topmost one on the picture above. With the lower one the cutting of the foot was delicate, but both works out if you’re cautious. The bottom of the miniatures is pretty undefined, but you’ll probably never see it. The different holes on the different legs for different Squigs make it easy to assemble them the correct way (if you have multiple sets open at once – otherwise you’ll only have one leg separate).

Regarding mold lines, the strength in painting the wrinkly miniatures is a weakness for cleaning them up. It’s hard to clean up the mold flash in the wrinkles. Luckily there’s not a lot of it. There’s also a small lump of resin I had to clean up between the leg and body of one of the miniatures. And what did I say about the place between a Squigs legs? Well… thanks to Kromlech I at least know now how Squigs defecate. Thanks a lot Kromlech.

That’s complaining on a high level though and for the price of the miniatures I certainly can’t complain. One of them also has a splintered horn. That’s not intended I guess but that’s not to bad. Oh and here’s a picture of the whole herd, now on 40mm bases. You could use them as chain Squigs, I use them as 4 small Squigs each.

To show you how big they really are, here’s a size comparison:

Let’s not beat around the bush, I’m pretty happy with those miniatures and they are pretty affordable as well. If you need some big Squigs with some diverse designs on their faces and an anatomically correct rear end (as far as anatomically correct applies to fantasy creatures), I can only recommend these.

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