CP Models – Greenskins and where to find them 100

Next up is CP Models, a british company, that produces models in all scales imaginable. For 28mm they got animals, historic miniatures, horror miniatures and fantasy stuff (including swarms of hedgehogs and a quite intimidating Tree Man in their Large Creatures category). For their Greenskins they have a few different kinds of Trolls, the smaller Stone Trolls and the larger Forest Troll. There’s also a Giant of 70mm height.

CP Models also has Orcs and Goblins available, with a total of 20 different Orcs and 6 different Goblins in their shop. Most of those Orcs are more human-like with the other 6 being classical green-skinned ones. Most of the Goblins are Ninjas, the others fit more closely in the classic category of steppe or night Goblins.

CP Miniatures retail their Goblins for £1,65 a piece, with the set of 4 Ninjas for £6,50. The Orcs are £1,80 each, with the set again offering a small discount. Same goes for the Stone Trolls, with the whole group being £9,25. If you fancy those models, you can get them over at CP Models’ website. You can also follow them on Facebook. All pictures shown belong to CP Models.

Update 31.12.19: CP Models have expanded their sortiment by releasing 3 sets of 4 Jungle Goblins as well as a command group. The sets are £6 and £4,50 respectively:

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