David Foster – Review

No, I’m not reviewing David Foster – I don’t know him personally, but I’m sure he’s a pretty great guy, at least he was always friendly and helpful when I contacted him. If you don’t know his miniatures, you should first look at my initial article on them, that also tells you how you can get your hands on his Squigs. Now you have, let’s carry on. I bought his miniatures long ago, so I’m not entirely sure how they were packed, but I kept them in a clear plastic bag. Nothing was broken on the long journey from America though.

You can also see all the parts in the first picture. There are two big bodies, four legs and three seperate claws. The teeth are connected as pairs, so you have to cut them from each other, which requires a bit of dexterity. I’m sure David did put some work into them after taking them out of the mold, or he is some kind of molding god. The models have very little mold flash if you might even call it that way on their tail. You probably won’t even recognize it on the pictures.

The hardest place to clean up is the inner side of one of the legs, but it’s only difficult because it’s in such a small place. Another small problem was that one of the holes to put the legs in is partially blocked, but I was easily available to cut that out.

The legs can be attached to the Squigs in different ways for varying results. I glued mine on a bit different than David, but I’ve seen even more combinations (well, there should be 8). The claws fit on the legs pretty good and once the teeth are seperated they fit good into their place. The leg connectors make sure they point in the right direction and lay flush on the bodies. On my models one leg stands out a bit more, but it will be easy to fill the whole and would I have sanded down the connector a bit I think it would have worked.

Those Squigs are huge. I put them on 40mm bases for now, but this is far too small. Even in comparison to the big Squigs from Kromlech they are really big. I’ve seen them used as Slashers in Kings of war (50mm bases back then) and even seen them on built up bases as the new Slasher unit there on 75mm square bases. They’d also make excellent Mangler Squigs as they are intended too. Or Goblin chariots with a few riders. I think for $25 a pair they are fairly cheap and the quality is great, especially for miniatures made by a single person in their free time. If it wouldn’t be such a pain to order stuff from America to Germany I think I’d order some more.


    • Hi David,
      I’m glad you like it 🙂
      Since I’ve started the blog I became even more of a completionist…I kind of regret that I didn’t get one of the gigantic Squigs in the first place, will that guy ever be available again?


      • I just retired so I have more time for squigmaking. The colossal will be available again soon. I only ever made a master mold and unfortunately it has torn. I have the original sculpt but it broke into several pieces when I removed it from the mold. I’m going to repair and recast the model. I’ll contact you when it’s done.

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