Madpuppet Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 75

Here’s a short one: Madpuppet Miniatures makes some postapocalyptic-looking miniatures, busts and a few fantasy minis. Among these there’s a Dwarf Pirate and a Goblin Berserker who stands atop a pile of dead humans. Additionally there’s Giant Goblin in the busts section, who stands 90mm to the top of his head.

The Goblin Berserker is 8€ and comes in white metal while the Giant Goblin is 35€ and is made of metal and resin. Both are available in Madpuppet Miniatures’ shop. All pictures above belong to Madpuppet Miniatures.


    • I would have done it, however I tried registering a few times and somehow it never worked and even writing mails to the addresses on the website didn’t work.
      Then one guy on the German site told me they’d gladly copy my list out if I provided it 😂


      • Registering?

        You mean on the forum? :O That’s crazy if that didn’t work for you!?

        If you mean getting edits to their mini pages.. yeah it’s a bit trickier. I can’t edit them directly, I have to make a new file, and then tell someone I’ve updated it, who tells someone… who then publishes it. Kinda annoying but it works in the end 🙂 Eventually I will have them updated with everything but it will take ages ofc!

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      • I tried 3 different emails and never got a mail. With different providers. Gave up afterwards. Won’t play ninth age in the near future anyways I guess 😀


      • Wowsers. Well I have no idea. I had no issues at all.. I used maybe yahoo or google email, I forget. Might have gone to a spam folder tho! Forum registration things often do. But I think it’s pretty standard (if old) forum software, not specific to T9A really.

        If you ever can get it to work, would still be great to have you on there if you can ever get registered, if only for the painting and models bits if you’re not into the game itself.

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      • I checked my spam folders on all. Was really bizarre. I’m a member in 3 other forums and never had a problem.
        Yes that’s true, stuff I paint would be relevant 😀 for the list I’m not that interested. I did the work here and to get the no longer available models to be deleted there and new ones added seems like a hassle that I don’t want to go through. Especially since here it’s clear I did it and constantly updating a list somewhere else seems unnecessary for me to do 😀


    • Super weird on the email thing yeah. Still it’s a shame, I really like their forum, would be cool to chat to you on there.
      The T9A forum is a bit big and messy but it’s slowly getting sorted better… just like their mini list thanks to me and a few others anyway 😀

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