Other Companies 2 – Greenskins and where to find them


Hasslefree also has more Tolkienesque Orcs and Goblins, which even come in multipart kits. If you like more cartoony Greenskins, they also sell a Goblin pirate, made by Sylvain Quirion, who has his own range now, Aenor miniatures. Hasslefree also definitely still exists, so go for it!

Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld Miniatures make miniatures for RPGs and thus the Orcs are pig faced. The highlight of they’re range for me though is the Giant, which just looks great, even if he’s on the more expensive side. I was never a fan of pig faced Orcs but I had them on the blog before so if you need even more of them, Otherworld is your best bet.

The Battleforge

The Battleforge have Hobgoblins, mushrooms, a Squig and a Giant for £200. They also have a wolf riding Snotling I’d really like to have. But none of my emails reach them, so they probably have a wrong email on their website. The Facebook page is deleted, but the Twitter is still active.

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