Moonstone – Greenskins and where to find them 87

Moonstone is a rather new skirmish game relying mostly on D4. But since they still exist after their first Kickstarter and even started a second one recently, there must certainly something to it. At the very least they have some great miniatures and fantastic artwork and a faction of Goblins:

The first one is actually taken from the Trolls and Giants faction, but I suppose most Goblin fans will find him quite interesting as well. Normally, a box of 3 infantry costs £21-£25, and a monster costs £16, the new stuff on the Kickstarter getting a considerable discount. Both boxes of Goblins are £21 if you pledge for them and the other stuff is offered at normal price. If you want these you can pledge the Kickstarter, buy them now on their homepage or follow Moonstone on Facebook. All pictures above belong to Moonstone.

Update 31.12.19: Moonstone expanded their offerings with some pirate Goblins and have already shown some artwork for next year, including a two headed Giant and a Goblin riding a Troll with a cannon:

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