– Review

Well, I’ve not run dry of reviews yet. When the recent holiday miniature from MaxMini (klick here if you don’t know them yet) dropped, I couldn’t resist it – and who could resist a Squig-hopping Easter Gobbo? Along with my order, MaxMini also sent me some mushrooms and Goblin heads to show off here, so let’s start:

First of: the mushrooms. The ones on the white background are not cleaned up yet. There was almost no mold flash and the resin was easy to cut and work with, so the work required was minimal. The best thing about these mushrooms must be their sheer variety. I like to sculpt my own ones, but those are really simple and still take time. Some of these here just offer themselves to adorn the bases of heroes and centerpieces. They’re pretty sizable though with 10 to 21mm, so to just put them down in a cluster would be somewhat of a disservice to them. For 7€ for 9 mushrooms they’re just shy of a Euro each, but the size and detail makes up for that.

I wish I’ve gotten these heads earlier, I just converted two boxes of 40k Grots to Goblin pirates… The holes in the back are pretty small, so they’ll fit on GWs Grots or Night Goblins / Moonclan Grots. To put them on the older Goblins you’ll have to carve away a bit at the neck, but nothing major. Due to the hole in the sprue the heads are easily snapped off, which makes it easier to remove the remaining resin from the chins. Those are pretty neat to pimp up a regiment and cost 7€ for 10.

The star of the show is S’mark The Easter Gobbo though. For 7€ you get a Squig Hopper on a 25mm round base. The model on it’s own is great, but the quality fits as well. There’s only a small mold line between the Squigs legs, but nothing major. The details are sharp, and I already dread painting this thing due to this. I still have to decide on a color for the Squigs costume though…

The size comparison is pretty unfair, since the new GW Hoppers have giant stands, but you can see, that the bodies are roughly the same. For the older Hoppers, S’mark would be considered big. He’s generic enough for me to use them in my normal armies and I highly suggest that you buy one before he’s gone if you like him. I once made the mistake to not buy a holiday miniature from them I’d really liked to have. Took me a long time to hunt him down.

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