Winzor Chog Miniatures – Greenskins and where to find them 155

Edit: Winzor Chog’s owner got a job sculpting for GW, congratulations! 🙂 This unluckily means the range is currently not available.

Next up is another company that 3D designs their minis – Winzor Chog Miniatures shop is chock full of Fantasy Football minis, some of which might appeal to the Greenskin aficionado:

From small to big there’s an Orc coach for £6, a star player for £8 and a Troll for £15. If you like it bigger, there’s also a Giant for £30, which is roughly 10cm tall. Those models are really nice, but where Winzor Chog gets me is with their unusual Goblin… we’ll just call it cavalry. Remember the piggy back riding Gnoblars? There was only one model and it was unarmored. These ones I’ll call proper knights:

Each pair of mount and rider is £8, but the set of all 5 is £30 in total. Squigs as weapons… I’ve seen those but these are a rather nice interpretation. If you’re interested in any of the models shown above, you can get them here. You can also follow Winzor Chog on Facebook.

All pictures above belong to Winzor Chog miniatures.

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  1. The fantasy football guys are cool but yeah, not so different to other fantasy miniatures. Not trying to put them down, they are cool and solid. But originality is not their main point of strenght. But yeah, the knights are sooooo funny and different. A real must have! 😉 So hilarious!

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