Red Bard Games – Review

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Red Bard Games offers some nice 3D printed oldschool Greenskins, the overview of which you can see here. On the other hand I bought two of the 3 most interesting sets during their pre-release during Orctober. I got the Orc King on Wyvern and the Orc Baggage Train, which consists of more Goblins than the name might suggest, but more on that later.

Exactly a week after placing my order, my package was on it’s way and got to me within a few days. Included where two sturdy boxes, one for each product with foam inlays. I can’t think of any bad thing that could have happened to the minis in that state (ok I can, but not if the postal service does it’s job properly). After peeling away the packaging I found all parts that belong together in a plastic bag each.

The Baggage Train consists of 4 parts – 3 for the carriage and the boar drawing it and a driver. There’s also 2 Orcs and 2 Goblins and a cook pot, so everyone in the army can enjoy a hearty meal. The other set, the Orc King on Wyvern, consists of 5 parts in total, 3 for the mount, the Orc King and an optional shield for him. Correct bases for all miniatures are included, which is always nice. The King fits perfectly on his mounts saddle. The cart got me thinking at first, since I wasn’t sure which side had to point forward, but that was quickly cleared up when I discovered the texture on the back end of the wood on the side you are supposed to see. Parts fit together perfectly here as well. The only gripe I had with assembly where the Wyverns wings. Don’t get me wrong, they fit very well, but at first I wasn’t too sure if I assembled them the correct way since the connectors are round and can be tilted a bit. I’d see this as a feature rather than a bug if the wings would perfectly fit in other poses, but that leaves small gaps – easily fixable if you want to have the wings point any other way, but it confused me at first. If you’re long enough in the hobby to have nostalgia for those designs you probably assembled your fair share of models and won’t mind rotating the wings until you’re comfortable with them.

Let’s continue with the quality of the “casts”. Well, the models are 3D printed by Red Bard Games and are delivered cleared of supports. There’s a few small remains of where the supports where placed, but those are only visible from below and easy to remove. The material is very hard and unflexible without feeling brittle. I think breaking off something would be a hard thing to do. The biggest advantage is the absence of mold lines. The few support thingies are far more comfortable to remove than the usual stuff you’ll have to do with your models. I asked Red Bard Games whether I’d have to wash them before priming and was told that they did it just in case, but I could not find any places that seemed like there’d be problems if you didn’t. The resin is hardened and there was no separating agent used like in normal molding so it’s probably not necessary. Details are good and the printers are set on a layer height I can’t make out with my eye.

The cart comes with a chariot base and fits comfortably on it. Might be an interesting model for the Vanguard scenario Baggage Train. The Orc on Wyvern has a good big size for a 50mm base, without too much overhang and no balance problems. It’s a bit smaller than GWs last metal Wyverns, but those where huge and in the case of the normal Boss on Wyvern stretched out, while this one forms a curve. What I really want to say: He looks intimidating enough for a monster, especially an oldschool looking one. The Goblins are roughly as big as GWs Goblins with the Orcs being around a head higher. I’ll use the old Orc as an overseer for war machines and the others are clearly cooking, so they’ll be a filler in my bigger Goblin regiments, hence the bases.

Now for the price. Both sets shown here are 35€ each. That’s not cheap but definitely an appropriate price. There’s not many Wyverns out there, comparable products are the Orc Krudger on Winged Slasher by Mantic for 40€ which fills out a 50*100 base pretty much exactly and doesn’t convey the same style and GWs Wyverns, which are both (Azhag and the normal one) not available any more, the newer Maw Crusher only hardly fitting on 100*100 and costing more than double. You get a big chunk of nicely designed resin with Red Bard Games, so if you want a Wyvern fitting on the appropriate base, here’s your recomendation. Where Red Bard Games really shines though is the civilians. I don’t remember another recent model with the same purpose, it’s full of charm and details (sausages, weapons, a captured halfling…) and comes with some infantry too! It’s a bit harder to find a purpose for those guys, but I really like them.

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  1. […] Here’s the minis from the Kickstarter – The Ogre might not be an Orc or a Goblin, but his pose and expression… he somehow reminds me of the Giant Black Orcs of olde, so maybe green would suit him? The Troll is 15€, while the Ogre is 14€. You can buy all of the models shown above on Red Bard Games’ website and follow them on Facebook. I also published a review here. […]


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