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Well, I had this a long time coming but wasn’t sure how to implement it. Now that we’re at 140 companies in the list and assigning styles to them was a bit of a task. I’ll talk about what I did in a minute, but should you have any suggestions or ideas for the system please let me know 🙂 I think this is most useful to those searching for a special unit entry for a wargame or want a consistent army from different manufacturers.

Ok – I just sifted through all my entries and assigned more keywords to the articles when needed. I might have forgotten to apply them to some, but I’m pretty sure I got them all. I only did this for special themes, so should you just want normal (whatever that means for Greenskins) style miniatures, just use the Greenskins and where to find them tab and filter for your criteria. I also added a filter for the new keywords in there. Another small caveat: I can’t show all products of all companies on my blog. It would make the articles unnecessarily long and use a lot of data, so it might be that I add a style to an entry and you might not immediately see what minis I mean. You can find them on the appropriate website in this case. Also I might have forgotten some with the bigger companies. Reaper has a ton of different Goblins and I’m really not sure if I want to look at all of them and then not show pictures on the blog. This is a small issue however, since most company specialize in one or two styles. The following styles have been added (alphabetically sorted and what I mean by them):

Ancient Style Goblins: There aren’t a lot of them on the market, but I think the ones that exist are pretty distinct.

Aquatic Goblins: Some Goblins are perfectly adapted to life at or below sea and have formed some features to suggest that. I’m talking gills and all that jazz. There are only two companies in there and they’re a pretty strong style, but they’ll probably fit with pirates and River Trolls best.

Armored Orcs and Armored Goblins: I separated these on purpose – Armored Orcs are pretty common. Think the likes of GWs Black Orcs. Disciplined killing machines with a no-fun attitude. Funnily enough while the stereotype of the disciplined Orc is pretty common, I found more of what I call armored Goblins. In most depictions Goblins are a rag tag band of mischievous little guys not bound on cooperation – these defy the stereotype and are unusually well armored and or disciplined.

Asian Style Greenskins: Ninja Gobbos? Samurai Orcs? All in here.

Civilians: Even Greenskins need a butcher or a smith. Some even a rat catcher. This category summarizes those everyday heroes of Goblinkind.

Female Greenskins: Some heavily sexualized, some just Goblins with additional parts. I don’t like the spore theory of Greenskin procreation but I didn’t need to see any evidence for the contrary.

Forest Goblins: For what they charge for old sculpts on eBay you wouldn’t think there aren’t a lot of modern rendition. Well guess what: there are.

Cave Creatures: While I already have a filter for Squigs, I figured it might be cool to be able to also filter out mushroom men, stalagmites and all the other unusual stuff lurking in caves among them.

Goblin Berserkers: Small category since I wasn’t too sure what to include. Mantics Luggits are too heavily armored to fit this category – Berserkers for me are half naked guys with massive weapons. There are at least 3 companies out there that sell stuff like that.

Goblin Duelists: You might also call this category Assassins. A lot of wargames from Kings of War to 9th Age have a unit entry for those and they are pretty abundant, so I figured I’d include them here for convenience. Most come with paired weapons and look particularly shady. If you’re looking for Ninjas, have a look at the fitting category, I singled them out but they certainly fill a similar role.

Goblin Ninjas: Just the Ninjas if you want some mean stabby gits.

Goblin Rangers: Another one I thought I’d find more for. Windmasters Goblins for example are modeled after the Nights Watch from Game of Thrones. I first wanted to name this category Goblin Hood, since there are some minis for that, but with the appropriate range from Macrocosm being gone I wasn’t too sure on that. And I think Rangers is a broader category than Robin Hood.

Hooded Goblins: Goblins with hoods. The big competitor claims they live in caves. If you play Age of Sigmar that’s probably the most interesting category for you.

Kev Adams: Not a Style but a Sculptor. Kev has dabbled in a lot of companies and most people including me really like his style, so now I tried to make it easier to search for that.

Lizards: Another very small category. Some Goblins tend to ally with lizards of different sizes, for example 4As Swamp Goblins and Scotia Grendels Lesser Goblins. I don’t have more right now but there might be more examples in the future.

Mutated Greenskins: Some Greenskins have been tainted by some unholy powers and grew a second pair of arms or another leg. Well there are certainy enough out there to build at least a regiment of them without it costing an arm and a leg compared to hunting down old minis now.

Oldschool: I mean old school. Not newer companies that just emulate the style (might make a category later for them). I find it hard to judge what exactly constitutes Old school minis, but if minis have been around since the 80s I think that works out. So all the stuff in this category is pretty old. And yet some purists won’t consider some to be old school (“What? RPE? Those sculpts aren’t even 50 years old!” I hear them cry…). It’s a wonky category, I still hope it helps 🙂

Pig Faced Orcs: I’m not too fond of that style but there’ll certainly be those that will.

Pirates: Oh yeah… I have a whole army of Greenskin pirates. And you’ll be surprised how many are around. Arrr.

River Trolls and Stone Trolls: Those might be categories defined by GW and most Trolls around don’t play by their roles of course. Still there are some with an uncanny resemblance out there.

Savage Orcs: While Armored Orcs have big armor, these are naked and primitive and most of the time pretty aggressive.

Undead Greenskins: Pretty fun for a theme list or to ally in with your vampire counts.


    • Thanks 🙂
      I guess I’ll also add old school style (although that might be really subjective), Mushroom Men and normal Greenskins (however I’ll call them) later. And while I have a filter for basic troop types in infantry and cavalry for both races this applies to, I might also add one for chariots. There’s always more work if you start… If you have any more suggestions what might be useful let me know 🙂


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