Steamforged Games – Greenskins and where to find them 173

Our next company on the list also focuses on RPG players (at least with the Goblins they sell). Other than that they produce board games with video game themes like a Resident Evil 2 or Horizon Zero Dawn board game. In the wargaming community they’re mostly known for their Epic Encounters boxes and some of them are very interesting for Greenskin aficionados:

Each row shows you one of the boxes that contains Greenskins. Please enlarge the pictures to see what else is in there. All of them consist of a double-sided gaming mat, some monster stats and ideas for adventures to use them in in RPGs and around 20 resin minis both infantry, cavalry and some nice looking bosses. The mounts of those cavalry models might be a bit strange for most wargames at first, but the frog grows on me… so cute! For scale I was told that they sit between 25mm and 28mm scale. All of those boxes are 44,95€ – there is however another box, containing only one minis: a Frost Giant for 34,95€:

Steamforged games have also sent me some artworks for their products and the Goblin fan I am I didn’t want to withhold them from you:

If you’re interested in any of Steamforged Games’ products, you can buy them on their website. They also got a Facebook page which you can follow for further infos.

All pictures above belong to Steamforged Games.


  1. I recently picked up the Village of the Goblin Chief set. The forest goblins have some great details to them. The frog even has a little wooden saddle and armor plates! They are definitely on the larger side for goblin figures, especially compared to the ones Wizkids puts out. Still definitely worth checking out. I will probably end up picking up the other goblin pack as well. Tempted to get the Orcs just for the ones riding polar bears!

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    • Great, thanks for that insight! Can you tell me what the mat included is made of and how big it is? I mean the main draw are the minis and steamforged games told me they were resin, but I’m still curious 🙂


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