Onmioji – Greenskins and where to find them 169

Continuing with some Myminifactory creators, today is Onmioji’s turn. Compared to our last entry there’s a huge library of miniatures. Sci-Fi, fantasy, modern? Adventurers, monsters or villains… it’s all here. We’ll start with some samples you can print for free – you can find all those here on Thingyverse:

The Goblin Slaughterer on the right is a great miniature for a hero, my sisters boyfriend printed me one. Well let’s get into the paid content – most Goblins available on his Myminifactory store are $3,80, here are some examples:

These are just a few of my favorites. There’s also some cheaper Goblins, these seem to be older sculpts but they still hold up pretty well and are $3 per mini:

There are some heroes, mounted Goblins on Squig and wolf, degenerated cave Goblins and an assassin. If you want any of the miniatures shown above, hop over the link to his Myminifactory page. He also got a Patreon you can subscribe to here.

All pictures above belong to Onmioji, safe for the one bad painted picture.

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